Welcome to the Archangelic Temple of Radiance!

Archangelic ArchwayThe Archangelic Temple of Radiance is here to illuminate and enlighten you, through the Ascension activation frequencies it embodies.  It is a place of remembrance of the Angelic and Archangelic Being you already are.

May this be a place for you of peace, harmony, love and illumination.  May it raise your frequency in the words, visuals and activities of Love and Light.

On a personal note, I would like to thank all of the beloved Light Beings and family members who support my work, those physical and non-physical.  I am eternally grateful for your love and upliftment.  I would like to acknowledge my Earth Angel friend and website creator, An’jeena for helping me to put into form my heart’s dream of this website.  It shall be a work-in-progress, just as we are building our celestial cities on earth.

In Service to All!

Eshanya Keelia Christos (Cheryl Janet Croci, C. Ht),
Keeper of the Archangelic Temple of Radiance